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Maximum protection for highly sensitive locations.
The result of over 20 years experience, the sixth generation of urbaco's retractable bollards are manufactured from 3 seperate parts, each cast in one solid piece.
There is no mechanical welding involved, no parts assembly with bolts or screws & no wearing parts with limited lifespan, ensuring an almost indistructable means of vehiclular access control.
Urbaco generation 6 bollards require little or no periodic maintanance.
With resistance levels of more than 4.5 million operation cycles without any breakdown or need for any replacement parts CAME are able to offer a 10 year limited parts  warranty on these products.
In adddition to this,  structural parts are tottaly interchangable, with 5 bollard head designs (available in 3 diameters & 2 hights)  & custom powder coated paint colours (additional charge may be incurred)
The patented monobloc casing has a very high impact resistance as it is formed from cast steel upto 24mm thick. Cast in one piece from steel, it fully protects the bollard. Shock energy recieved by the bollard is divided into the counter components before disipating through the embedded casing.
 A guiding ring of thick plastic eases the travel of the bollard up & down reducing friction & noise.
The bollard head itself (11mm thick cast steel) provides superior mechanical resistance.
A solid single piece, it integrates smoothly with the guide rails and is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.