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All electric gate installers who wish to comply with the machinery directive need an impact force tester.

The measure the force of the electric gates you must use a force test guage that fully complies with the EN12445 Standard.

Why Test The Gate Force :-

It is about limitiation of forces in the crush zones of the electric gate. If you test a gate and it does not comply, you can fit additional safety to that gate for example safety edges etc.


A gate installer that tests the forces will provide a report showing all forces are within the safe parameters of the machinery directive (If not additional work may be done to bring down the forces).

It means that when you installled the gate or gates the impact forces were within the required parameters and you have the documentation to prove this.

Without it if someone was injured in the gate and it tested too strong you could be liable. There are a whole host of reasons the force could be more non more worrying than the fact someone might have turned up the gate force after you left, without the force tester you have no proof.

Electric Gates UK offer impact force testers that fully comply to the EN12445 machinery directive.

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