Example Prices

Example prices.

Below, you will find a list of prices for service, repair & installation work carried out within a 50 mile radius of our base in Nottingham.

For distances over 50 miles, please contact us for a quotation.

All repairs come with our own comprehensive 12 month parts & labour warranty alongside the manufacturers warranty

Let Electric Gates UK automate your existing gates from as little as £999 inc vat.

Standard servicing.

Underground automation service £120 inc.(Assuming automation is fault free)

Above ground automation service £100 inc.(Assuming automation is fault free)

Call out for undiagnosed breakdown/fault.

£50 inc call out charge + £65 inc per hour + parts.

Safety survey.

£125 inc with £50 refundable if works are undertaken.

Fixed price motor replacement. (includes waterproof jointing kit if required)

CAME Frog-A 240v motor replacement £450 inc.

CAME Frog-AE 240v motor replacement £455 inc.

CAME FROG-A24 24v motor replacement £499 inc.

CAME FROG-AE24 24v motor replacement £495 inc.

NICE METRO ME3000 240v motor replacement £450 inc.

NICE METRO ME3010 240v motor replacement £460 inc.

NICE METRO ME3024 24v motor replacement £485 inc

BFT SUB 240v motor replacement £730 inc.

BFT SUB-R, SUB-ER, SUB-EL 240v motor replacement £755 inc.

BFT SUB-EG, SUB-G 240v motor replacement £779 inc.

BFT SUB-GR 240v motor replacement £799 inc.

Fixed price control panel replacement. (Including set up & re-commisioning of gates)

Simply add £200 inc to the cost of the control panel listed.


Mr Clayton:


Hardwood Gate 1  Hardwood gate 2 

Mr Clayton had an entrance that was 3.8 mtrs wide & wanted a set of "Iroko" hardwood, automatic gates to close off the entrance & give some privacy & security.

Mr Clayton also stated that he needed the automatic system to be safe to use with children (anti crush), some kind of wireless intercom & Keypad code system at the gateway, allowing visitors to be able to call the property & also allow 2 way speech & the facility to open the gates from the property, 3 remote controls and for the gates to safely, automatically close once driven through.

First of all, we set 2 x 8inch square oak posts 3ft deep into the ground, along with 2 x "CAME Frog" underground motor casings & all of the localised cabling required around the gateway.

Next we took measurements for the new hardwood gates & put them into production which took approximately 2 weeks during which time the concrete around the posts & motor casings was left to harden & Mr Clayton had his own onsite electrician run a 1.5 mm steel wire armoured mains cable to the gateway to eventually power the gate system.

On our 2nd visit, the motors were mounted into the underground casings & the electrical connections were made with resin filled connection boxes, making them totally waterproof.

Next we mounted the 1st set of infra red safety photocells onto the gateposts (accross the gate line) & the 2nd set on small posts just beyond the fully open position to allow safe use of the autoclose feature as the photocells would prevent the gates closing if an obstacle was in the way of the gates movement area.

Next we mounted the wireless intercom/Keypad to the right hand gate post & also mounted the gate control board to the rear of the right hand gate post.Next we made all the neccessary electrical connections form the accessories back to the gate control board & connected the mains power also.

Next, we mounted all of the neccessary adjastable hinges to the gates & bolted the hooks to the gate posts, which then allowed us to hang the gates & attach the bottom hinges to the motor drive arms (we always weld but can be bolted if required).

Next, we switched on the power to the gate system & tested all connections, follwed by the setting up & commisioning of the automatic gate system & all of the accesories.

Mr Clayton also had 2 x automatic garage doors that were previously installed by another company, but wanted to be able to control both garage doors & the gates independently, from just one remote control , so we fitted a CAME radio reciever to his existing automatic door operators which allowed full control of both doors & gates from his 4 button remote controls

Once this was complete, a full demonstration of how to use the system was given & Mr Clayton was left with a safe, fully automatic gate & garage door system which he is over the moon with.

The total time for the installation was 2 days spread over 2 weeks.

The total cost for this installation? £5400 fully inclusive. (supplied with a fully comprehensive 12 month parts & labour warranty).

Mr Clayton's own review can be viewed here.