Timber gate designs

No other hardwood gates are made as meticulously and thoroughly as our gates. From the initial selection of the timber, through the entire manufacturing process, to finishing. We produce a product like no other. Our products continue to set the standard.

We never compromise on quality:

The correct selection of timber is essential if gates are to be both superior in appearance and durable enough to last for years in all weathers. 

Hardwoods have a more complex cell structure than softwoods, and are generally denser and more oily, consequently they produce gates that are both more durable and of much superior appearance.

Our chosen timber for the production of our hardwood gates is Iroko - a hardwood that grows in managed forests in west and east Africa . Its density and natural oils make it so durable that it is often used in boat building and exterior cladding of buildings.

All our timber is sourced directly from Africa where it is specially seasoned to our very specific specification for use in the British Isles.

The incorrect seasoning of timber is the source of many problems of "movement" traditionally associated with exterior joinery products. This movement occurs whenever the timber takes up the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. If the timber is not seasoned correctly it will begin to change size and shape and will soon weaken joints, allowing more moisture in to do more damage. This is why many sub-standard gates look well for a while, but within a few months start to swell, warp, bow and consequently literally break themselves apart.

Our design and manufacturing processes have been developed in conjunction with TRADA (the Timber Research and Development Association) with the benefit of many years of rigorous testing, to produce a range of product designs and processes protected under copyright law.

We offer a bespoke service for Clients' own designs.

We use traditional woodworking and jointing techniques with reinforced sections to ensure strong reliable gates for years of trouble free service, whether manually or automatically operated. 
For the more conservative Budget, why not take a look at our range of sylish & robust softwood gates.
Below are some examples of electric gates supplied & installed by us.
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